Is Sante Pure Barley Safe and Good For Pregnant Woman?

Barley Safe for Pregnant WomenWhile Sante Pure Barley is generally safe and can be used from birth to old age, it is still advisable to seek doctors’ advice before taking Sante Barley products.

If the pregnant woman already secured a normal baby ultrasound, she can start consuming barley products as well.

Here are some reasons why Sante Pure Barley is Good for Pregnant Women:

  • Barley grass is very high in folic acid, which contributes to reproductive health.
  • Folic Acid which is rich in Barley Grass Supports Healthy Human Reproduction.
  • Adequate folate acid intake during the time just before and just after a woman becomes pregnant, helps protect against a number of congenital malformations.
  • Women who could become pregnant are advised to eat folate-rich foods to reduce the risk of some serious birth defects.

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