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A Glass of Barley Juice has 11 times more Calcium than a Glass of Milk

You need more CALCIUM everyday because bone nutrition experts say that up to 60% calcium intake may not be absorbed by the body and may be lost. Barley has more Calcium than Cows Milk Pure barley grass has 11x more … Continue reading

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Why do we need to use room temperature or cold water with Sante Pure Barley Juice?

Sante Pure Barley Juice is organic and it has ‘live’ enzymes and other nutrients. Hot liquid will break down the vitamins and nutrients the barley grass contains.

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Is a Health Juice Like Barley Juice an Eco-friendly Drink Supplement Well worth the Money

Are natural and organic food products like pure green barley powder well worth the extra money you have to fork over? The reality may be so unintuitive sometimes. There is an english research analysis carried out which has established the … Continue reading

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