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A Glass of Barley Juice has 11 times more Calcium than a Glass of Milk

You need more CALCIUM everyday because bone nutrition experts say that up to 60% calcium intake may not be absorbed by the body and may be lost. Barley has more Calcium than Cows Milk Pure barley grass has 11x more … Continue reading

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Sante Pure Barley is now available in Bahrain

Thank you for visiting Sante Pure Barley Online Store! Distributor of Sante Pure Barley in Bahrain Good News! Sante Pure Barley is now available in Bahrain. To make sure that you are buying original Sante Pure Barley Products in Bahrain, be … Continue reading

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When is the best time to drink Sante Pure green barley juice?

Its generally safe to drink Sante Pure Barley juice anytime since its is made from pure barley grass from New Zealand. Although its safe to drink anytime of the day, it is highly recommended to consume Sante Pure Barley Juice … Continue reading

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April Boy Regino is now Cancer Free because of Sante Pure Barley

“Prayers and Sante Pure Barley saved my life” – A testimonial from April Boy Regino In 2010, April Boy Regino was diagnosed with prostate cancer. It was one of the biggest challenge in his life and family that tested their … Continue reading

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Is Sante Pure Barley Safe and Good For Pregnant Woman?

While Sante Pure Barley is generally safe and can be used from birth to old age, it is still advisable to seek doctors advise before taking Barley products. If the pregnant women already secured a normal baby ultrasound, she can … Continue reading

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