Pure Sante Green Barley for Hypertension

Did you know that 11.5 Million Filipinos have hypertension?

According to World Health Organization, hypertension or high blood pressure is the most common disease in the Philippines and in some parts of Southeast Asia.

green barley for hypertension

Can Barley cure your Hypertension?

Hypertension is a permanent medical condition but Barley contains enzymes that can help you feel better and avoid the symptoms of Hypertension.

Barley contains enzymes such as Fatty Acid Oxidase, Peroxidase, Catalase, Cytochrome Oxidase and Transhydrogenase that cause decomposition of fats in our bodies.

Barley has chlorophyll which helps in cutting excess cholesterol and triglycerides and other lipids. Pure Barley also contains soluble fiber that helps in metabolizing fats, cholesterol and carbohydrates.

And best of all, Green Barley keeps the blood vessels elastic, keeps the blood flow smoothly, melts away plaque that exists in blood vessels, and also reduces blood clots and bad cholesterol.

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