Green Barley Testimonials : Green Barley can cure Ulcer

Heres another testimonial this time from Shaiya Ong – checkout her blog at BootsNCandies.

I followed the recommended dosage of two capsules in a day. I drink it 30 minutes before my meal. The first three days kept me sleepy. I am glad I did not stop drinking it because after a week, a felt my stomach getting better. I can once again eat foods together with my favorite chili sauce without feeling any stomach burns. I am loving Green Barley and asked both mom and dad to take it as daily supplement.

Now I have three supplements:

Vitamin C
Grape Seed Oil Extract
Green Barley

Prevention is better than cure. I invest in food supplements and motivate others to do the same. It is better to spend on things that will keep your body healthy rather than spend on things that will make you better.

– Shaiya Ong

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