Pure Green Barley Testimonial : Sante Pure Barley saved April Boy Regino from Cancer

Aside from thousands of testimonials from Sante Pure Barley users, one of the best testimonial came from non other than Mr. April Boy Regino.

In 2010 April Boy Regino encountered one of the biggest challenge in his life and family that tested their courage and faith. He was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer.

pure sante barley for cancer
April Boy Regino using Pure Barley from New Zealand

When he discovered his illness he thought there’s no other way to cure it. “When I found out that I have Prostate Cancer akala ko mamamatay na ako.” God answered their prayers, his brother-in-law invited him to try Sante Pure Barley.

April Boy didn’t expect that Barley will change his life. After three months of using Sante Pure Barley, he is very proud to share his testimony to the public that he is now recovering from Prostate Cancer.

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