Sante Pure Barley Store in Manila

Are you looking for Sante Pure Barley Store in Sampaloc Manila? The nearest franchise store is located in Don Quijote Street in between Dapitan and Piy Margal Streets.

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Why is Sante Pure Barley now a popular complete food?

Sante Pure Barley is imported from New Zealand Blend and it is organically produced in the cleanest country in the world. Our product is made is made from pure organic barley grass powder and blended with the one of nature’s most potent sweeteners called Stevia. Stevia has been used in Paraguay by its native Indians for the past 200 years as a sweetener for beverage.

Sante Pure Barley is the only barley product in the Philippines that is certified by BioGro. It is grown in the Canterbury Plains of New Zealand in farms that have also been certified as organic. New Zealand is blessed with fertile soils, clean water irrigation and one of the world’s least polluted environments.

Testimonials from Sante Pure Barley users in Manila and the rest of the Philippines

If you are looking for Sante Pure Barley in Manila, please contact Melo at 0928-4050898.

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