Pure Sante Green Barley for ARTHRITIS / RHEUMATISM / GOUT

Natural, Safe and Organic way to treat ARTHRITIS / RHEUMATISM and GOUT:

  • PURE Barley contains a high amount of Vitamin C (548/100g) plus the four Amino Acids ( Proline, Lysine, Arginine, Glycine) which are necessary for the formation or production of procollagen to produced Type I and Type II collagen needed in rebuilding damaged cartilage and tendons in joints.
  • Lysine increases the production of procollagen which helps in rebuilding new bones, tendon cells and cartilage tissue and in return for the healing of wounds.
  • Proline is component of Cartilage for healthy joints and ligaments.
  • Organic sodium ( 775mg/10g) which dissolves calcium deposited in the joints.
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