Pure Green Sante Barley for Cancer

Did you know that April Boy Regino’s Cancer was cured when he used Pure Green Barley products?

  • PURE Barley is good for cancer because of the present of SUPEROXISE DISMUTASE (SOD) which restores the functions and repairs the body’s DNA to prevent cancer cells from developing. SOD is also a free radical scavenger of tumor cells.
  • It is also good for cancer due to the presence of P4D1 enzymes which destroys cancer cells and at the same time immediately repairs damage DNA molecules of the cells.
  • It contains Peroxidase enzymes which breaks and neutralizes the carginogenic black color substance in grilled meat and fish.
  • Since PUREbarley is highly alkaline, it destroys cancer cells.
  • It has a high score of ORAC 25,500 per 100g, having high amounts of oxygen-carrying capacity. Cancer cells cannot live in high concentration of Oxygen.
  • It contains 2-O-Glycosylisovitexin enzymes which prevent multiplication of Cancer cells.
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