How do I register as Sante Pure Barley Member?

This process is normally being processed with the help of the new members sponsor but just in case the sponsor is not available to assist. Heres the instruction on how you can join as a member :

* Go to
* Click the Register link.

Step 1: Read Sante Agreement Form
a) Read the Sante Agreement Form. Tick the square bullet if you agree with the terms and conditions.
b) Click Next button to continue.

Step 2: Fill-Up Member ID and Password of your Business Unit
a) Enter your Member ID and Password (located at the back of your Distributor’s Card)
b) Click Next button to continue.

Step 3: Fill-Up Sponsor Information
a) Type in Sponsor Distributor Number: SAN073326184
b) Click Verify button to check if the information entered is correct.
c) Click Next button to continue.

Step 4: Fill-Up Personal Information
a) Fill-up Distributor Registration Form. Provide the needed information.
All fields with asterisk (*) are required.
b) Click the Next button

Step 5: Fill-Up Contact Information
a) Type in TIN
b) Type in Office Number
c) Type in Fax Number
d) Type in Home Phone
e) Type in E-mail Address
f) Click Next button to continue

Step 6: Review Member Registration
a) Confirm all information entered in the system to finalize your registration.

Step 7: Submit Member Registration
a) Submit member registration by clicking the Finish button.
b) You will receive a confirmation message stating that you have successfully registered your Business Unit.

Note: Sponsor number, Name and Birthday cannot be modified once submitted.

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3 Responses to How do I register as Sante Pure Barley Member?

  1. says:

    How to become a member so that I can avail discounts.

  2. good am to each and every one of from cagayan valley but im migrant here in korea with family and 4 kids….im a member (..she works here in korea right now she got married from the korean man with kid but theyre divorce..and she got married again in a phil guy..ill call her and messages want to clarify why i dont have this things but she could not answering me.she told me that ill add another person to answering my question but that person he gave me hes not sponsoring me..)of this company but as i know if you registered here as a member of this company you just avail the benefits that accompanied with your package like scholarship certificate with your kids medical certificates with china ATM card and other benefits…but i dont have this things…because im a member of the aim global alliance..they were neighbor hood wih sante…but my lider is not like that we were mag tutulongan ng down lines hindi lahat yong lider ng sponsor sayo eh gustong kunin lahat ang benefits di kawawa ang down lines di nya tutulongan sila..anong klaseng company pag ganoon nman…isa pa my mga promo discount sells n nksama s package ko ..gusto kong magbili ng products yong ng sponsor sakin busy nt wla ng paki alam s member nya anong klaseng lider b nyan b…at pano mag member din mga ibang gustong down line ang member nya kasi ganyan ang ugali ng ngsponsor o lider …kaya nakakadiscourage nman ngmember dto…sayang pa ang pera pinag member ko at itong promo discounts products…maraming gustong mg member dto kya lng makita nila tong pacgake ko d nman kompleto…syempre nahihiya nman ako eh wala nman mga sinasabi nila…kc ang pera di pinopulot ang kya magtrabaho at humanap ng pera dto s ibang bansa at ayaw ko ring mngloko gaya ng nangyari sa akin sa ngayon…kc wala nmang mga accepted kong matanggap sa lider ko

  3. Mynn says:

    we registered for personal use, how can we avail lower price? kasi 600 pa din ang bigay sa amin.. how can we avail cheaper price?