Why Drinking Barley Grass has NO Side-Effects?

Fact: Drinking Barley Grass has no Side-Effects

Barley grass is the young offshoot of barley harvested when it is about 30cm in length. It is one of the earliest grown crops in the world and traces of its history have been known to be longer than 5000 BC. The Ancient Greeks and the Romans were known to have used the seeds and grass of the barley for medicine and consumption. It has gained worldwide recognition for packing high nutrients and its ability in curing certain diseases. Ancient Men like Muhammad, Avicenna and Roman physician Pliny had written and recommended the use of barley as a medicine.

Barley Side-Effects
Why Drinking Barley Grass has no Side-Effects?

So what is the drawback of barley? It turns out that some individuals have certain reactions to the consumption of barley.

Gluten sensitive individuals often ask if barley grass have the allergy-causing gluten since the seeds do contain it. Barley grass is often harvested when it is young. What this means is that the barley has not yet produced its seeds when it was collected. Though barley grass is technically barley, the seeds are the primary source of gluten and these seeds are the culprit that causes allergy.

Why Drink Sante Barley Young Grass
Why Drink Sante Barley Young Grass?

Gluten intolerance is a physical condition in the gut. In fundamental terms, undigested gluten proteins from the grains are treated like foreign invaders by the body which in turn irritates the gut and erodes or flatten the microvillus. From this process, the body is essentially destroying itself because it cannot receive any needed nutrients while the immune system continually attacks the tTG. tTG is an enzyme that holds together the microvillus and this enzyme helps in the absorption of proteins. If the microvillus is damaged, toxins, microbes and undigested food particles can escape the intestines and enter the body via the bloodstream.

Buy Organic Barley Grass Juice
Buy Organic Barley Grass Juice – Side-Effects

Young barley grass are unaffected by gluten as it is only present during the production of the seeds. The only issues that can scare any gluten sensitive individual are the following: The young barley grass was harvested too early in which there is a chance or possibility that its seeds might have been collected with the grass or the manufacturer is also producing barley seeds in the same factory.

The dangers of drinking barley grass mainly concern gluten and allergen-sensitive individuals. There are no known scientific data confirming that there are side-effects that affect normal individuals who take barley as a supplement.

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